Since September 2017, I am Professor of Academic Communication at Radboud University Nijmegen, working closely with Radboud In'to Languages. For the university, I am currently designing a plan on what should be the communicative goals of students – what should any person be able to do communicatively if they have a Nijmegen degree – and university employees alike – which skills should somebody have who is working at the University? This (also) affects the language policies of Nijmegen which is currently in actual practice bilingual (Dutch and English), but according to some people should aim at becoming trilingual – German being the third choice, as Germany is only a few kilometers away from the Nijmegen campus.

The study of Academic Communication is relatively new to me; come back for more information soon!

(In Dutch:) 
Achter discussies over klimaat en vaccinaties gaat een vertrouwenscrisis schuil Aflevering van een wetenschapspodcast waarin ik mocht praten over academische communicatie (februari 2018)

Academic Communication