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PhD Supervisions (completed)

2020. Semra Baturay. The New Template Model and The Phonology Morphology Interface in Turkish: The Parametric Hierarchical System and Universal Implications. With Ben Hermans.


2020. Mirella De Sisto. The interaction between phonology and meter. Approaches to Romance and West-Germanic Renaissance meter. With Varun DeCastro-Arrazola.

2019. Virigina Beavon-Ham. Tone in Saxwe. With Maarten Mous.

2018. Varun DeCastro-Arrazola. Typological Tendencies in Verse and their Cognitive Grounding. With Johan Rooryck.

2018. MaartenJan Hoekstra. Stedebouwkundig(e) ontwerpen in woorden: Honderd jaar stedebouwkundige begrippen. With V.J. Meyer

2018. Nina Ouddeken. Voicing in transition: Laryngeal characteristics in West-Germanic and Italo-Romance dialects. With Roberta D'Alessandro.

2017. Bahar Soohani. The Phonology of Iranian-Balochi Dialects: Description and Analysis. With Maarten Mous.

2015 Marijn van ’t Veer, Building a Phonological Inventory. Feature Cooccurrence Constraints in L1 Acquisition, Leiden University. With Clara Levelt.

2015 Edoardo Cavirani, Modelling Phonologization in Lunigiana Dialects, Leiden University and University of Pisa. With Giovanna Marotta and Roberta D’Alessandro.

2015 Giuseppe Torcolacci, Marking the Default. Auxiliary selection in Southern Italian dialects, Leiden University. With Roberta D’Alessandro.


2011  Björn Köhnlein, Rule Reversal Revisisted, Leiden University. With Ben Hemans and Paul Boersma.

2011 Maike Prehn, Vowel Quantity and the Fortis-Lenis Distinction in North Low Saxon, University of Amsterdam. With Ben Hemans and Paul Boersma.

2010 Mathilde Jansen, Language Change on the Dutch Frisian Island of Ameland, Free University Amsterdam. With Frans Hinskens.


2010  Sandra Barasa, Language, mobile phones and internet in Kenya, Leiden University. With Maarten Mous.

2007  Kathy Rhys, Fonologische aspecten van de verwerving van een tweede dialect, Ghent Univerisity, with Johan Taeldeman, Frans Hinskens and Steven Gillis.

2007 Wim Jansen, Woordvolgorde in het Esperanto, University of Amsterdam. With Kees Hengeveld.

2006  Marcus van Dijk - Sikosek, Die neutrale Sprache, Utrecht University. With Duco Hellema.

2004  Francine Swets, The Phonological Word in Tilburg Dutch, University of Amsterdam. With Hans Bennis.

2003. Wouter Kusters, Linguistic Complexity: The Influence of Social Change on Verbal Inflection, Leiden University. With Pieter Muysken.

2003  Erik Jan van der Torre, Dutch Sonorants — The Role of Place of Articulation in Phonotactics, Leiden University. With Colin Ewen.

2002. Yan Zhuo, Classical Chinese Verse Grammar. Co-existing Sub-grammars and formal grounding, Tilburg University. With Ben Hermans and Henk van Riemsdijk.

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